Safety First

We want to create a secure environment for both parties so we operate on an easy to use project platform. All you have to do is fill out our order form, after which you’ll receive an invitation to the project platform. The payment will be made upfront but it won’t be released until the handover and copyright transfer is complete, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Project briefing

In order to create the best option for you we need the most information we can get about your company. Most of this information will be included in the order form you’ll need to fill before starting a new project.

  • Company name & slogan
  • Products or services you provide
  • The target market (age, sex, location)
  • Values you wish to comunicate
  • Visual style preference
Brainstorming and sketching

At this point we will use everything we’ve gathered about your company and use Linepeak’s performance to bring you the best solution. You’ll be provided with a rough sketch or idea of the concept, including mockups of how this will look on the end product. We’ll need feedback to ensure everything goes the way you want. Let us know about the aspects you like or the ones that should be changed in order to get the best results and move on to the next step…

Creating the final concept

Here’s where the magic happens. After gathering information and tweaking the ideas we provided before, it’s time to create the final concept . We use the best software and tools to bring you what you deserve. You will be presented with watermarked or smaller size samples of the final work. Files provided are ensured to bring best results in post editing and print.

Handover and payment

The concept is finalized successfully and all is left is for both parties to agree on transferring the copyright to the owner. Files are then sent at full size and quality and the payment released. Deliverable files include:

  • PDF and EPS layered vector
  • PSD layered file
  • PNG and JPEG screen quality
  • CMYK and RGB color profiles
Are you ready to stand out?

Let’s take the next step and work together for a lasting impression