Frame Collection


Product Description

Frame Collection is a set of well organized Photoshop frames that let you show off your best photos or artwork. The mockup consists of:

– 5 frame ratios (square, golden ratio, 16 x 20, 11 x 14, 5 x 7)
– Table support with 3 wooden textures / 1 laminated table texture with a color picker
– Floor support with 3 wooden textures
– 3 background textures (plaster, painted bricks, striped wallpaper)
– Option to change the color of all backgrounds

Frame options:

– 5 frame profiles for each of the 5 ratios
– 3 different sizes for each frame (small, medium, large)
– Option to change frame color
– Landscape and portrait position for shadow consistency
– Frame matting toggle
– Option to change matting color
– Table / floor shadow for each frame ( toggle )
– Glass reflection toggle


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