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• Getting the right design for your business is a tedious process that involves studying your base industry, competitors and cultural tendencies. The physical aspect of the project is where we begin to crystallize all this information into concept sketching and optimizing the impact it will have on potential customers.

• Linepeak takes these steps very seriously and hopes you appreciate the hard work and outcome of this journey.


• We work with professional design tools to help you get the latest in terms of quality and compatibility.

• Pantone color codes and CMYK color profiles will give you the best printing experience and quality.

• The final deliverable files will include vector formats (.eps, .pdf) and raster formats (.png, .jpeg) so you can use them in any project you need.


• Payment will be made upfront on a safe project platform and held locked until the project is complete and the copyright handover signed by both parties.

• Extra fees can be added if you wish to have additional website pages, options or use premium fonts or stock photography in your project. This can vary depending on the source and author of the required resources.


• Linepeak does not compromise and prefers quality over quantity. We aim at the best solutions and good design takes patience and thought.

• Depending on the number of items the process can take anywhere from 3 to 7 working days for projects involving logo design or business cards and 1 to 3 weeks for more complex tasks such as web layout or infographics.

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